After many years of perfecting my craft, I proudly present my own guitar effects online store. I offer boutique quality products and top customer service – the deliveries are fast, safe and worldwide. Hopefully, with my new webpage, your shopping experience is going to be smooth, informative and fruitful.

I provide a rich assortment of effects pedal replicas, powered up with some useful extra features. Some of the most popular ones are the Univibe units based on a set of photoresistors and a bulb, fuzz pedals which use germanium NOS transistors, transparent drives, and great analog modulations.

I build the units with the best components from top European and Taiwanese OEM suppliers such as ALPHA®, NEUTRIK®, and LUMBERG®. They provide top-quality electronics for professional audio solutions which ensure a lifelong, maintenance-free operation. The effects circuits are housed in aluminum enclosures covered with powder coating. I use only the best powder coat which is used, among others, for the very demanding automotive industry. The last layer is a lustrous silk-screen printing with unique art designs.

Since I have the complete control over the manufacturing process I ensure that all units are without defects. The 3-year warranty period is a standard and it is door-to-door – I cover the expenses of shipping related to the repair service.

The electronic components are mounted on high quality printed circuit boards which are of my own design and were brought to absolute perfection. They ensure stable and noiseless work. I use interesting colors for solder mask, which makes the pedal nice to look at and unique even on the inside. On top of that, I use a hand-made wiring of white silicon cable.


Some of you may ask why I don’t use the glorified point-to-point technique or turret boards. The answer is rather straightforward: these are makeshift and primitive solutions and should be things of the past. We won’t get better sound parameters by sticking to them. PCBs are the way to go if our desire is to precisely plan each and every signal route and achieve the best results.